Awning Service and Cleaned: Battle, Sussex

About This Project

Awning service and cleaned in Battle, East Sussex.

Ms Nash, from Battle, East Sussex, needed her existing awning service and cleaned.

  • Service details:

The service included checking the wall fixings, retaining bolts and tightening where required. Our installers check and test the moving parts. Cleaned and lubricated to help provide smooth opening and closing of the awning. SBI’s installers checked the pitch and adjusted the awning to provide a slightly steeper angel that helps the rain water run off the cover. The installers opened the awning to test the in and outward limits were set correctly. Electric motor checked along with the controls.

  • Cleaning details:

SBI’s installers washed the awning with a LOW PRESSURE washer. Cleaning the awning cover entailed applying chemical cleaning solution to the cover and valance. A broom was used to agitate the chemical solution and loosen ingrained dirt. Please note do not have the cover cleaned with high pressure washers as this can damage the cover! One of the weakest parts of the cover is the stitching and they can brake if a high pressure washer is used.

Ms Nash said she will be using SBI to clean and service the awning on an annual basis to keep it  looking good for many years to come.


  • Customer: Ms Nash
  • Location: Battle, East Sussex TN33
  • Product:  Awning servicing  and cleaning
  • Specification: Existing 5m wide, Weinor model K2000 folding arm awning cover, valence, framework cleaned and serviced
  • Extras: Painted steel gallows brackets and treated for rust

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