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Thomas Sanderson Awning Repairs

Thomas Sanderson Awning Repairs2021-09-24T05:21:35+01:00

Thomas Sanderson Awning Repairs from SBI Ltd.

Do you own a Thomas Sanderson Awning and need awning repair work?

The Thomas Sanderson awning range was sold successfully through the 1990s up to 2006. The company made the decision to move out of awning manufacture and installation.

They now concentrate on their conservatory blinds and shutter products. Thomas Sanderson Awning manufacturing factory was based in Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7.

Whilst they did manufacture some awnings. An example of this was the model Nexus Deluxe (no longer in production). They mainly used two German awning manufacturers Weinor and Markilux. These two manufacturers are at the luxury end of the awning market.

Sun Blinds Installations “SBI Ltd” are at the forefront of awning repair work. Established in 1998 we specialise in all types of awning repairs. Over the years we have helped out hundreds of Thomas Sanderson old awning customers.

“SBI has a network of fully trained awning engineers that offer fault diagnosis and awning repairs. We also service, clean, recover and carry out general maintenance to all makes and models of awnings.”

Really pleased with our awning. Very easy company to deal with. Got exactly what we wanted with some extras like the built in lights which we love! Installers were also great, all done on time, very little disruption and great attention to detail. And very competitively priced. Thoroughly recommend.
Nicola Pinder, Kofi & Co.

If your Awning needs repairing, here’s what we recommend you do.

  1. Identify what model of awning you have. (Check your paperwork or take some pictures or a video of the awning)
  2. Let us know the size of the awning or tell us how many arms it has.
  3. Take a picture of the front and back of the remote control you use to open and close the awning with.
  4. Let us know if it has any sensors, for instance, sun and wind or rain sensors.
    When was the awning last serviced?
  5. Provide a brief description of what the problem appears to be.
  6. Email details to
  • Click the Tabs to view FAQ, Warranty Info & Common Awnings Repairs Problems

Thomas Sanderson Awnings Repairs Frequently Asked Questions

My Thomas Sanderson Awning sticks out and will not fully close?2021-08-11T11:26:56+01:00

The awning has inward and outward limits on the motor. Adjusting them may solve the problem.

My Thomas Sanderson Awning is coming away from the wall?2021-08-11T11:26:32+01:00

If the fixings are working lose this is very dangerous and you need to close the awning. DO NOT USE IT CALL 0808 1891 252 ASAP!

My Thomas Sanderson Awning is down on one side?2021-08-11T11:26:06+01:00

Either the awning has been caught in a gust of wind or it is coming away from the wall – it needs to be serviced by our installation team.

Do you repair tears in Thomas Sanderson Awning covers?2021-08-11T11:25:43+01:00

No, as repairs are temporary and look unsightly – we would recover the awning.

Can you relocate my Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:25:16+01:00

Yes, we can relocate the awning in most cases.

Can you replace Thomas Sanderson’s remote controls?2021-08-11T11:24:50+01:00

Yes, some models we can but some are no longer manufactured send us a picture to

The remote control will need programming into the motors receiver and this should be carried out by an engineer.

Why is important to service an Awning?2021-08-11T11:24:18+01:00

Awnings get blown around in the wind and this can loosen wall fixings and brackets. Moving parts should be cleaned and lubricated.

How often should my Thomas Sanderson Awning be serviced?2021-08-11T11:23:46+01:00

In an ideal world every year. Generally domestic awnings 1-2 years and commercial awnings annually.

Why can’t you replace the broken arm?2021-08-11T11:23:21+01:00

The arms should all be replaced for health and safety and we need to guarantee them for 5 years.

Can you replace a broken arm for Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:21:26+01:00

In a lot of cases, we can still obtain arms. If your awning has 2, 3 or 4 arms we replace all of them. If your awning has a gas piston fitted on top of each arm, these are now obsolete. Some models effected are in the Geneva range.

Can you repair a broken arm for Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:20:53+01:00

No, if the arm has snapped or the bolt has sheered off you need new arms. We can still source some of the arms so check with us what model you have.

Can you get parts for Thomas Sanderson Awnings?2021-08-11T11:20:30+01:00

Yes, we can still source some parts for awnings that were installed in the 1990s.

Is my Thomas Sanderson Awning under warranty?2021-08-11T11:19:57+01:00

No,  if your awning was one of the last to be supplied it will be at least a decade old.

The original warranty was for 5 years.

Do you recover Thomas Sanderson Awnings?2021-08-11T11:19:34+01:00

Yes, we have access to hundreds of awning covers and can get specific colours if required.

Can you clean my Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:19:04+01:00

Yes, we clean covers and valances using low power pressure washers and chemicals. Do not let anyone clean the cover with high power jet wash!

Can you service my Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:18:42+01:00

Yes, we offer a comprehensive service to help maintain your awning into the future.

We issue you with a service certificate detailing the work and parts replaced.

Thomas Sanderson Awning will not open?2021-08-11T11:18:17+01:00

This normally happens when the motor has stopped working.

Thomas Sanderson Awning goes in and out on its own?2021-08-11T11:17:54+01:00

This normally happens when the sensors are faulty or the motor has lost its memory. Call SBI on 0800 07421 721 ASAP!

Thomas Sanderson Awning remote control will not work?2021-08-11T11:17:24+01:00

Try changing the battery in the remote and if that doesn’t resolve the problem get in touch with us.

Can you replace my Thomas Sanderson Awning with a new one?2021-08-11T11:16:58+01:00

Yes as we supply and install luxury top quality awnings, get in touch for information on our range.

An electrician has checked the awning and it has power but will not work, can you help?2021-08-11T11:16:30+01:00

Yes, 1 Replace the motor as it has stopped working. 2 Replace the remote control. 3 The receiver has stopped working and needs to be changed.

My awning is stuck out in a storm, what can I do?2021-08-11T11:16:00+01:00

Try not to panic and if you can and it is safe to do so tether the awning to a heavy object. If you have buckets fill them with earth, sand or bricks. Tie the rope to the bucket handles and around the awning arms.

If this is not possible then only if it is safe to do so. Cut the awning cover all the way only the awning at the front. This will release the pressure of the wind and save breaking the awning framework, arms, and your property! We can recover and service your awning once the storm has passed.

Thomas Sanderson Awning is stuck halfway out?2021-08-11T11:15:27+01:00

This normally happens when the motor has stopped working. Call SBI on 0800 07421 721 ASAP!

Thomas Sanderson Awning is fully extended out, how can I close it?2021-08-11T11:15:00+01:00

This normally happens when the motor has stopped working. Call SBI on 0800 07421 721 ASAP!

Can you replace a manual gearbox on a Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:14:11+01:00

In most cases, we can replace the gearboxes send us a picture of your awning to

Can you repair my Thomas Sanderson Awning motor?2021-08-11T11:11:51+01:00

No, the motors are sealed units but we can change the motor for a new one.

Thomas Sanderson Awning is making a clicking noise?2021-08-11T11:11:07+01:00

This normally indicates that the motor has stopped working.

Thomas Sanderson Awning has stopped working?2021-08-11T11:10:43+01:00

Get in touch with SBI and we can carry out fault diagnosis.

Who repairs Thomas Sanderson Awnings?2021-08-11T11:09:26+01:00

SBI Ltd (Sun blinds Installations) has been repairing awnings for over 20 years!


  • The reason we recommend this course of action is if we can still get parts and service your awning.
  • It is well worth maintaining it as replacing with new will cost thousands of pounds.
  • If your motor is still working there will be a day in the future when it stops.
  • Normally you don’t get any warning that the motor is going to stop working it just STOPS!
  • Over the years we have found that the awning is normally fully extended when this happens.
  • The problem you then face is how are you going to CLOSE the awning? The answer is your not!
  • Thomas Sanderson Awnings do not have a manual override fitted to the awnings.
  • You can’t simply wind it away if the motor fails or there is a power cut.

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