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Sun Blinds Installations
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Domestic & Commercial Awnings


Awnings Supplied & Installed by SBI Ltd.

Our aim is to provide new awnings, repairs, servicing, and cleaning. Not just in Kent but across England and Wales.

As with any purchase, there are countless options and accessories to choose from. This is where our knowledgeable, experienced awning advisors come into the equation.

When you contact us we will pass your details on to your own dedicated awning advisor. They will answer any of your questions and work out what awning will best suit your needs.

Our advisors do not need to visit your home to provide you with a price. So you have no pushy salespeople in your home trying to make you buy there and then!

“Call us now 0800 074 2721 to find out how our range of superior quality domestic & commercial awnings can benefit you”

Really pleased with our awning. Very easy company to deal with. Got exactly what we wanted with some extras like the built in lights which we love! Installers were also great, all done on time, very little disruption and great attention to detail. And very competitively priced. Thoroughly recommend.
Nicola Pinder, Kofi & Co.

How much does an awning cost?

Our prices start from as little as £3175.00* inc VAT for our non-branded range of Semi Cassette awnings.

The price includes LED lighting in the arms, remote control, safety wind sensor, Docril cover, valance, frame colour white, or anthracite.

*Please note that the price is for our standard build and a standard installation.

It is also very easy to spend in excess of £5000 on our range of luxury awnings. from Markilux and Weinor.

There are so many factors that make up the price we have listed some of them below:

  • Size width x projection
  • Brand, SBI own brand, Markilux, Weinor, or others
  • Model of the awning, full cassette, semi cassette, or open awning for example
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Sun, wind, and rain sensors
  • Built-in lighting
  • Infra-Red Heaters
  • Home automation
  • Awning cover material, polyester or acrylic
  • With a valance, variable drop valance (shade plus), or no valance
  • Framework powder coated colour and finish
  • Side screens manual hook on or pull out the cassette
  • Standard fixing bracket or custom made brackets
  • Freestanding or attached to a building
  • Signwriting for commercial awnings
  • The complexity of the installation
  • Servicing, cleaning, and maintenance

If you have a fixed budget this can be taken into account when working out the price. Our pricing policy is simple we keep our operating costs as low as possible. This enables us to keep the price we charge you as low as possible!

The price we charge for Markilux and Weinor awnings is set by the manufacturers. We use their (RRP) Recommended Retail Pricelist to work out the price of the awning. You may require special fixing brackets and you will be advised if they are required.

Once the awning and accessories have been chosen the only other cost is our installation charge. Having been trading for over 20-years and carried out thousands of installations across the UK. We know that our prices are very competitive for quality bespoke awnings.

5-Star Awning review, West Wickham, Kent

Delighted with my new awning.

Professional from start to finish, SBI have done everything they said they would, when they would.

Highly recommended!

Claire Best - Owner of Waggles Pet Emporium, 5-Star Awnings Review on Google
  • Reply to Shop Awning from SBI Ltd. – Hello Claire, thank you for the 5 Star review our team will be really pleased that you are happy with the awning installation they carried out. We hope you and your customers enjoy the new SBI Strand Semi Cassette Awning.

    Kind regards the SBI Team.

5-Star SBI Strand Semi Cassette Awning Review

Our two installers, Gerard and Kev (uncle Albert) did a great job and so efficiently.

No fuss no mess but lots of tea. Great. We are thrilled with the awning and it will be used all the time and works and looks great.

Well done.

  • Reply to SBI Strand Semi Cassette Awning Review from SBI Ltd – Hi Kenneth, thank you for the great 5 star review. We are thrilled that you are pleased with the awning and with the installation. The team said it was a pleasure working with you and we hope you get lots of use out of your new awning.

    Thanks from the SBI Team

Covering Fletchers Green, Oakhurst, Hubbards Hill, Bayleys Hill, Sevenoaks Common, Fig Street, Underriver, Watts Cross, Carters Hill, Wickhurst and all areas of England & Wales.

Awnings Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Butterfly Awning?2021-08-11T16:10:25+01:00

This is when two or more awnings are bolted to a free-standing goalpost framework at the top on either side. When both are extended out the appearance is of butterfly wings.

Are you a main Weinor awning supplier and installer?2021-08-11T16:09:47+01:00

Yes, we have access to the whole Weinor range of awnings and accessories.

Do you install Markilux awnings?2021-08-11T14:13:52+01:00

Yes, we have access to the whole Markilux range of awnings and accessories.

Are awning motors all the same?2021-08-11T14:04:55+01:00

No, there are different strengths of awning motors and the strength depends on how many arms the awning has. The diameter of the awning barrel and the projection of the  awning. The power of the motors torque is measured in Newton metres.

Where is the awning motor on an electric awning?2021-08-11T13:59:06+01:00

The awning motor is tubular and inserted in the steel barrel that the material rolls around.

If I have more than one awning installed, do I need extra remote controls?2021-08-11T13:58:39+01:00

No, you can have one remote control that can operate several awnings, heaters, sun and wind sensors and even the lights.

Will an awning gives some extra space?2021-08-11T13:58:10+01:00

Yes. An awning effectively extends your living room into the garden, by giving you an outdoor space that is protected from the elements.

What is the largest size you can make awning?2021-08-11T13:57:37+01:00

We have manufactured an awning up to 24 meters wide. The maximum projection for a conventional folding arm awning is 5 meters.

Do you have insurance?2021-08-11T13:57:15+01:00

Yes, due to the size of some of our projects we have in place £10 million pounds of public liability insurance and £5 million pounds of employers liability insurance.

Why should I use a BBSA member to make and install my awning?2021-08-11T13:56:52+01:00

BBSA members are fully insured. Committed to ongoing training. Committed to child safety. Abide by a code of conduct. Access to a free mediation service. Up to date with regulations and best practices.

When are you contactable?2021-08-11T13:56:21+01:00

We can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through our freephone number 0808 1891 252. Leave your details and request with one of our customer service advisors. In turn, your details will be passed on to a dedicated designer who will call or email you back.

Can you install an awning onto a conservatory roof?2021-08-11T13:55:49+01:00

Yes, we can and we offer both awnings the can be installed above the glazing or below the glazing.

Do you make and install Approach Canopies (Walkway Covers)?2021-08-11T13:55:15+01:00

Yes, we do and offer Apex and Bull Nose shapes plus custom shapes.

Do you make and install Dutch Canopies and French Wedges?2021-08-11T13:54:48+01:00

Yes, we do and our Dutch Canopies can be fixed or retractable. Wedges are fixed as standard.

Do you make and install Traditional “Victorian” Awnings?2021-08-11T13:54:24+01:00

Yes, handcrafted from quality hardwood timbers, mild steel, and cast iron fittings. They can be manually or electrically operated. Finished in beautiful hard-wearing Docril covers.

What is the difference between a Drop-Arm Awning and a Folding-Arm Awning?2021-08-11T13:53:59+01:00

The drop-arm awning has arms on each side of the awning that can be extended nearly flat against the wall. This provides lots of shade and privacy. Folding-arm Awnings the arms are in two parts and fold up under the cover of the awning.

What is the difference between a full cassette, semi cassette, or an open awning?2021-08-11T13:53:25+01:00

Full cassette awnings off maximum protection to the cover when retracted. Semi cassette awnings provide a medium level of protection to the fabric. They protect the fabric from above but are normally exposed from the underside. Open awnings have no protection to the cover and the mechanism is exposed. These are normally used if there is an overhang to install the awning under.

Do you belong to a trade association?2021-08-11T13:52:54+01:00

Yes, we are proud to be full members of the BBSA: British Blind and Shutter Association.

Can I discuss my awning ideas with a designer?2021-08-11T13:52:26+01:00

Yes, as with any home improvement it is always best to discuss your ideas with experienced designers. You will gain vital advice on how to create a shading solution for your home or business. They will be happy to provide you with a free quotation to consider – and all without any obligation.

Who are your customers?2021-08-11T13:52:02+01:00

We carry out work for homeowners and businesses alike. Some of the companies and charities that trust us to carry out the work are Canary Wharf Management, Shepherd Neame Brewery, RSPCA, Salvation Army, Age Concern to name but a few.

How long has your company been installing awnings?2021-08-11T13:51:37+01:00

Over two decades SBI Ltd was established in 1998 all be it the installation Director has been in the trade for over 35 years.

What areas do you cover?2021-08-11T13:51:10+01:00

All areas of England and Wales including the Isle of Man. We have a strategic network of surveyors and installers located across the UK. This means you get the security of dealing with a specialist awning company., combined with the reassurance of a local service.

Why should I choose SBI Ltd (Sun Blinds Installations) to carry out the work?2021-08-11T13:50:37+01:00

We are a family-run business that has been trading for over two decades. We have access to one of the largest selections of awnings in the Country. We are dealers for some of the largest awning manufacturers in the World. Our installers have carried out thousands of installations across the UK. Our company is used by other blind companies to install awnings they sell. We are one of only a few companies in the country that offer awning servicing and maintenance. It is important to protect your investment in a new awning by having it professionally maintained and cleaned.

Where is your awning company based?2021-08-11T13:47:40+01:00

The Garden of England in the county of Kent.

My Thomas Sanderson Awning sticks out and will not fully close?2021-08-11T11:26:56+01:00

The awning has inward and outward limits on the motor. Adjusting them may solve the problem.

My Thomas Sanderson Awning is coming away from the wall?2021-08-11T11:26:32+01:00

If the fixings are working lose this is very dangerous and you need to close the awning. DO NOT USE IT CALL 0808 1891 252 ASAP!

My Thomas Sanderson Awning is down on one side?2021-08-11T11:26:06+01:00

Either the awning has been caught in a gust of wind or it is coming away from the wall – it needs to be serviced by our installation team.

Do you repair tears in Thomas Sanderson Awning covers?2021-08-11T11:25:43+01:00

No, as repairs are temporary and look unsightly – we would recover the awning.

Can you relocate my Thomas Sanderson Awning?2021-08-11T11:25:16+01:00

Yes, we can relocate the awning in most cases.

Can you replace Thomas Sanderson’s remote controls?2021-08-11T11:24:50+01:00

Yes, some models we can but some are no longer manufactured send us a picture to

The remote control will need programming into the motors receiver and this should be carried out by an engineer.

Why is important to service an Awning?2021-08-11T11:24:18+01:00

Awnings get blown around in the wind and this can loosen wall fixings and brackets. Moving parts should be cleaned and lubricated.

How often should my Thomas Sanderson Awning be serviced?2021-08-11T11:23:46+01:00