Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors

SBI offers a wide range of Solar Powered Garage Doors

Solar Garage Door Windsor Berkshire after

Solar Powered Garage Door


Our range of solar garage doors is 100% solar and 100% independent from the grid.

Solar Shutter 100% Solar

100% Solar – 100% Independent no mains connection required!


They work night or day due to the energy created in the daylight being stored in a battery.

7-Year warranty as standard on the motor!

Whisper-quiet motor.

Remote control hand sender.

Choice of colours white, anthracite, brown, oak, purple-red, light grey, ivory, and black.

Made to measure any size up to 3000mm wide x 2672mm high including the cassette.

They have a compact cassette 165mm high x 182mm deep.

Aluminium slats 36mm high x 8mm deep with foam insulated filling.

Guide channels 45mm wide x 26mm deep face or side fixing available.


SBI has been supplying and installing Roller garage doors all over the country for decades.

Our doors are easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free.

Here are the qualities you should look for when choosing a roller garage door installation company.



Choose a company that has been doing the job for many years.

SBI Ltd has been in business since 1998.


Great Reputation

Check online for companies that have great reviews from their customers. Do not choose the first company that pops up on the online search. You need to be certain that you are getting the best services.

See our 5-Star reviews on Google.


Service and Repairs

Nothing lasts forever so make sure who you choose to install your roller garage doors offers servicing and repairs.

Most companies will install a garage door but not all of them will service and repair them, SBI supplies, installs, services, and carries out repairs.


Wide Choice

Solar Power Garage Doors, Conventional Hard Wired Garage Door, Solid Steel High-Security Garage Doors, Compact Garage Doors, Insulated Garage Doors.

SBI not only offers a wide selection of Roller Garage Doors, but you also have a wide choice of colours to choose from.


No Power – No Problem

Solar Power Garage Doors are ideal if your garage is en bloc or detached from your property without power. No need for an electrical connection 100% Solar Powered.


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