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How you can benefit from Conservatory Sail Blinds.


SBI Ltd offers you a complete design, supply, and installation of InShade sail blinds.

Sail blinds add a contemporary touch to any conservatory, glass room, veranda, and boast multiple features that make them a valuable asset to homes and businesses across the UK.


Unlimited Design Options: 

Sails can be shaped, styled, and positioned in countless configurations to create a truly unique look that is personal to your conservatory, glass room, veranda, and its shading needs. SBI’s sail designer Lyn Peel has been at the forefront of sail blind designs. Lyn and her team of advisors have come up with stunning designs that have transformed spaces throughout London and the Home Counties.


Controls Heat & Glare:

Heat can really spoil your enjoyment of your space so our sail blinds are designed to reflect over 70% of the sun’s heat to maintain a comfortable internal temperature, and to eliminate the annoyance of glare. The sail blinds dense fabric structure creates 100% light diffusion to eliminate glare and bath your room in soft natural light. If you are watching TV or browsing the Internet on your tablet, checking emails on your laptop you will benefit from the reduction in glare.


High-Quality Fabric: 

Each batch of our energy-efficient fabric is tested to twice the required standards to guarantee its durability and resistance to UV degradation. SBI & InShade provide you with a 5-year warranty on all of the sails that the manufacture, supply, and install.

Warranties are on sail blinds, fixings and exclude travel and labour costs.


Bespoke Designer Look: 

Unique, distinctive, and elegant – there’s no mistaking the look of InShade sail blinds which sit gracefully within any space. With curved edges, fine detailing, and light diffusion, InShade Sail Blinds create a light unobtrusive shading solution for style-minded clients. The sails can be used individually or in groups with the positioning of the sails depending solely on your taste and requirement. Introducing open spaces between the sails maintains the feeling of openness and creates small shafts of light within your room.



See how Mr & Mrs Fowler benefit from having had Sail Blinds installed in their conservatory.



SBI Ltd is your local InShade supplier and is an expert in supplying and fitting a vast array of window blinds and window treatments and can advise you on effective shading solutions.

Working closely with our team of experienced InShade designers, together, we will provide you with the perfect solution, tailored to your shading requirement.


Total Conservatory Makeover: 

SBI has a team of conservatory cleaners that can clean your conservatory inside and out. Using the latest cleaning techniques and products your conservatory can be brought back to its former glory. All UPVC, aluminium, and wooden framed conservatory can be cleaned along with glass and polycarbonate glazing cleaning.

All dead flies, spiders and other insects are removed and disposed of and with our range of insect screens can be prevented from returning!


Our designer will help you choose the best shapes to maximise the shading of your conservatory roof. 


They will advise you on the many colour options and they can provide you with computer-generated images of your conservatory showing you the sails in-situ.


InShade sails provide a stylish solution to both heat gain and glare. 


Shade sails are the modern way to effectively shade conservatories, orangeries, and glass-rooms. Sails can be used horizontally, vertically or on multiple angles to create decorative shapes that can be a stylish feature for any ceiling, wall space, or room. InShade Sail shades can be used in the home, work place, college, schools or nurseries, in fact any where you need stylish shading solutions.


InShade sails are made from energy-efficient performance fabrics. 


The dense fabric structure creates 100% light diffusion to eliminate glare and bathe your room in soft natural light. A unique feature of the InShade Sails is the ability to keep the fabric taut and smooth due to a self-tensioning edging. The product is manufactured in the UK and patented. A big advantage over conventional blinds is that the sails shades can be machine-washed to help maintain both looks and performance.


InShade offers a 5-year warranty on all of the sails they manufacture and SBI Ltd offers a 5-year warranty on the installation of the sails if professionally installed by their trained installers.


Machine Washable: 

Cleaning your sail blinds is just a simple matter of swiftly unhooking the material, placing it in a washing machine, and hooking it back in place after washing without the need for drying or ironing.


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If you would like to see our sail blinds in situ please visit the Flackley Ash Hotel, Rye, East Sussex.

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