Carport Garage Door: Hinkley, Leicestershire

About This Project

Carport Garage Door: Hinkley, Leicestershire installed by SBI Ltd.

Our customer contacted us as they needed to park their car in a dry area and decided on a carport combined with garage doors. They wanted the aluminium framework finished in a semi gloss white colour. One of options for the glazing chosen was 16mm clear polycarbonate roofing sheets. They decided on the clear option as they didn’t want to block out natural daylight. The garage doors were combined with the carport to provide an enclosed garage space.

They wanted privacy and security so our installers fitted PVC shiplap cladding on the side of carport. To enclose both ends of the carport our installers fitted two compact roller garage doors. Operation of the garage doors is by way of remote control hand senders.

To keep the car cover looking good clean in with warm soapy water. Wash off any dirt and rinse with clean water leather off or let it air dry.

SBI carports come with a 10 year warranty and a 25 year life expectancy. Garage doors come with a 5 year warranty as long as they are serviced regularly.


  • Customer: John & Sarah
  • Location: Hinkley, Leicestershire
  • Products: SBI Carport – Roller Garage Doors
  • Specification: Carport 13.7m long x 2.4m projection, 16mm clear polycarbonate glazing, frame colour RAL 9016 white
  • Extras: Garage Doors, colour golden oak, aluminium  thick with a  foam filled insert, remote control, cladding
  • Features Increased insulation, strong physical barrier, space saving with in the garage, privacy

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