Carport with Victorian Posts: Epsom, Surrey

About This Project

Carport with Victorian Posts: Epsom, Surrey – SBI Ltd

Mr Kesby required a carport with Victorian Posts. He wanted to create a traditional-looking carport on the side of his garage.

SBI supplied and installed the Carport with Victorian Posts and Decorative Brackets in the corners.

The idea was to create a carport space that would be sympathetic to the building and area. We decided to combine the  Victorian Posts and Decor brackets to provide an old fashioned style of a carport.

One requirement was to offset the middle post so that when the car was driven into the carport the post would not be in the way of the car door.

Mr Kesby said he was very happy with the installation and wants us to quote for remote-controlled garage doors as well!


  • Customer Mr Kesby
  • Location Epsom, Surrey Kt18
  • Carport Specification Aluminium framework powder-coated in semi-gloss white with 16mm bronze polycarbonate
  • Side infill PVC, 10m white triangle cladding to the front. 16mm bronze polycarbonate triangle-shaped rear cladding
  • Maintenance Easy to keep clean simply wash with warm soapy water and rinse with clean water
  • Warranty Carport 10-Year Warranty!



Are you looking to create a garage space then combine our carport and side infill for a dry safe space to park your car, caravan, bikes, motorhome, or boat?

We cover Surrey, England, and Wales.

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SBI also carry our carport repair and refurbishments

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