Cantilever Carport Repair: Dover Kent

About This Project

Cantilever Carport Repair: Dover, Kent installed by SBI Ltd.

Our existing customer contacted us as they needed their Cantilever Carport Repair: Dover Kent as the glazing had become dirty.

We originally installed the carport 15 years ago. Having decided on replacing the glazing. Mrs Wagstaff got in contact with us to carry out the cantilever carport repair.



One of the problems was due to the age of the fiberglass roofing sheets they had discoloured.

Removing the glazing damages the GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic beams so they had to be replaced.

The new opaque glazing helps to provide light.

Also, the new glazing looks much smarter in appearance.

To provide strength and rigidity to the cantilever carport roof is the steel purlins that span the beams.

Plastic square or round guttering collects the rainwater and the water runs down a downpipe with a shoe outlet and is dispersed naturally at the base.

Whatever type of carport you have we can carry out carport repairs or replace it with new.

When you need a Cantilever Carport Repair call our team of advisors for advice that is second to none.

We can offer carport repairs to cantilever carports, lean-to carports, free-standing carports, timber, and metal carports.

To keep the repaired carport looking good clean it with warm soapy water. Wash off any dirt and rinse with clean water leather off or let it air dry.

Additional optional extras to consider for your repaired carport: spotlight bars and roller garage doors.

  • Customer: Mrs Wagstaff
  • Location: Whitfield, Dover, Kent CT16
  • Product: Cantilever Carport Repair
  • Specification: Replacement fiberglass roofing sheets and 6 GRP beams, colour white
  • Extras: Guttering and downpipe


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