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Awning Repair Company

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SBI Ltd Awning Repair Company:

About us:

SBI Ltd (Sun Blinds Installations) have been trading since 1998 and because of our twenty plus years of experience, we offer you a wealth of knowledge, experience in all aspects of awning repairs.


Director Michael Marsh has been in the awning industry over 35 years. Having been trained in all aspects of awning repairs, fault diagnosis he can repair most makes.

He started his career in the awning industry on leaving school at 16. He went to work manufacturing and installing awnings for one of London’s most prestigious awning companies.


His knowledge is extensive and there are not many awning repairs that he hasn’t personally carried out.

Manufacturing awnings, awning installation, replacing parts and changing motors.

Recovering for modern and traditional awnings. He can also carry out repairs to conservatory and veranda awnings.


Our installation teams can diagnose awning faults and recommend solutions to overcome most problems. We have installation teams throughout England and Wales that are happy to help with any problem you have.


Common awning repair problems due to wear and tear:

  • Awning stops working resulting in the awning being stuck out or in
  • Cover has become creased when winding away
  • Folding arm has snapped and detached from the awning front rail
  • Cable or chains broken inside the folding arms
  • Awning pulling away from the wall
  • Awning has come off the wall normally due to being left out in the rain, wind or snow
  • End caps fallen off these are the plastic parts that finish off the front rail
  • Valance coming away from the front rail
  • Cover ripped or torn
  • Blocked internal gutter
  • Remote control hand sender not responding
  • Seams in the cover have come apart creating vents in the cover
  • Tubular motor making a noise but not working
  • Somfy motor making a clicking noise
  • Motor runs on and the cover sags
  • Manual gearbox not working
  • Crank handle broken
  • Victorian awning timber rotting
  • Wooden front rail splitting
  • Traditional awning chain missing or broke
  • Frayed valance or cover

Other common awning problems:

  • Lost remote control
  • Dirty valance and cover
  • Awning opening and closing on it’s own
  • Automatic sensor not working
  • Automatic Awning extending at night on it’s own
  • Canopy down on one side
  • Awning to low at the front
  • Cover stretched and collects rainwater
  • Electric motor cable damaged
  • Awning doesn’t close fully
  • Wind damaged
  • Storm damaged
  • Rain damaged
  • Frost Damaged
  • Awning hit by a vehicle
  • Victorian traditional awning arms bent or snapped
  • Traditional awning will not roll up
  • Large awning barrel coming awning from awning
  • Roller detached from awning brackets
  • Inherited an awning and don’t like the colour
  • Building an extension and need to take the awning down
  • Moving house and need it installed at my new property
  • Commercial awning need to change the sign writing
  • Need help with an insurance claim
  • Insurance quotes required for my insurance company
  • Folding arms damaged and need replacing
  • Cigarette burn holes in the cover
  • Conservatory awning cords snapped
  • Awning has lost tension
  • Stains on cover – bird droppings, algae, moss, tree sap
  • Twigs, leaves and other objects rolled up in the cover
  • Motor overheating and cutting out
  • Awning tripping the fuse box
  • Power running to the awning but it’s not working
  • Remote control lights up but awning not responding
  • Service certificate required for Health and Safety records

Intended use

Extended over open spaces to shade them from unwanted sunlight and improper use can cause serious risk.

Placing additional loads on the awning by hanging objects from it or anchoring ropes can cause damage or the awning to fail, and they are therefore not permissible.

Awning Maintenance Instructions:

Secure and safe use of the awning can only be assured if the unit is checked and maintained regularly.

The awning must be checked regularly for signs of wear or damage to the parts under tension and the frame.
Should any damage be discovered, the dealer or a suitable servicing company should be called to carry out the repair.

Check the awning regularly for signs of wear or damage to the wiring.
Contact the dealer or a suitable servicing company should any damage be discovered.

It is important that awnings in need of repair must not be used!

Even low-maintenance products require care and attention. Carrying out the following maintenance and care work as and when required either once in spring or if the awnings have stood idle for an extended period of time. This work will extend the useful life of your system.  It is important to immediately remove any leaves and other foreign bodies as well as all heavy dirt.

Leaves and other foreign bodies on the awning canvas, in the awning casing and in the guide rails must be removed immediately. There is a risk of damage to the awning or it failing.


At all times, please ensure that you only remedy errors which can be eliminated through maintenance and care. All other malfunctions should solely be addressed by your specialist dealer SBI Ltd.

As your specialist is service, repair and cleaning company, we have willing staff ready to help, fast and properly trained.

Awning Service details:

The service included checking the wall fixings, retaining bolts and tightening where required. Our installers check and test the moving parts. Cleaned and lubricated to help provide smooth opening and closing of the awning. SBI’s installers checked the pitch and adjusted the awning to provide a slightly steeper angel that helps the rain water run off the cover. Our installers open the awning to test the in and outward limits were set correctly. Electric motor checked along with the controls.

Grease all movable parts

• The joints,
• The tilting arm member bolt,
• The front rail support bracket and • the drop arm lock spring.

The manufacturer recommends that you use sprays or liquid agents containing Teflon, PTFE or similar.

Awning Cleaning details:

Cleaning and maintenance work in the area of the awning’s movement.

Motorised awnings can be set in motion unintentionally. Care must be taken to ensure that during cleaning and maintenance work (e.g. building cleaning), power to the awning is disconnected (e.g. by switching off the fuse).

Awnings that are operated by several users a priority switching locking device must be installed. Controlled interruption of the power supply from outside, making it impossible to open or retract the awning at all.

SBI’s installers washed the awning with a LOW PRESSURE washer. Cleaning the awning cover entailed applying chemical cleaning solution to the cover and valance.

Please note do not have the cover cleaned with high pressure washers as this can damage the cover! One of the weakest parts of the cover is the stitching and they can brake if a high pressure washer is used.

Cleaning Powder-coated Aluminium Elements

So that you may enjoy your awning for many years to come, we recommend that SBI clean the aluminium elements at least once a year – and even more often if heavily soiled. To do so, use clean water only, which may also contain minor amounts of neutral or very weak alkaline detergents.

  • Customers: Domestic and commercial customers, restaurants, shops, pubs, clubs, schools, government buildings, stadiums
  • Location: England and Wales covered
  • Product:  Awning repair, servicing and cleaning
  • Specification: All major awning brands repaired, Markilux, Weinor, Primrose, Thomas Sanderson, Somfy, Winsol
  • Extras: Annual maintenance contracts
  • Association: Full members of the BBSA British Blinds & Shutters Association

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